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O preço real de Alvey Chain é $ -- (WALV/USDT) hoje com um valor de mercado atual de $ 929,647.1167. O volume de negociação em 24 horas é de $ 558,156.5555. O preço de WALV a USDT é atualizado em tempo real. WALV é 0.00% nas últimas 24 horas. Possui um suprimento circulante de 83.46M USDT.

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Alvey is a decentralised blockchain with a proof-of-stake consensus model, meaning that the author of the subsequent block is selected at random based on how much cryptocurrency they have in their wallet and how mature that wallet is, continuously rotating addresses to ensure decentralisation and network participation. Blocks are usually built or minted rather than mined; there are also block rewards in addition to transaction fees, thus, builders receive a percentage of "interest" on the amount of funds they bet. This allows the chain to achieve high levels of security without excessive energy consumption, since to participate as an applicable active node for staking, is enough to have a Raspberry-Pi, laptop or 64-bit desktop PC which do not have such a high consumption compared to Proof of Work string mining rigs. Alvey supports the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. We use a pragmatic design approach to integrate metaverse and VR within the blockchain, allowing continuous development of real-world applications. Furthermore, it is spreading awareness of blockchain technology to many Internet users while also decentralizing PoS transaction validation internationally, over a long period of time. As a project, we are committed to establishing a connection between what we love and what we do everyday. We believe that this will lead to creativity and success. Plus, we are builduing the world's first VR Exchange on Alvey Metaverse. The Alvey Chain provides a wide range of utilities including, building your own meme tokens, NFTs, and smart contracts to create value on top of our blockchain. The ACC wallet allows you to stake directly, as well as do superstaking and delegation. You can also build a dex, a NFT marketplace or a launchpad. All fees are distributed among stakers and validators using our coin in transactions and deployments on Alvey. You can use our coin directly on an exchange with fiat via our payment gateaway of your ACC wallet. We are planning on building our first DEX (like Uniswap, Pancakeswap) where you can trade your favorite projects. We will wrap USDT, USDC, ETH, BNB and more. Another important utility in our project are the adds placed inside the metaverse and the explorer. Furthermore, our VR exchange will allow users with at least 200 ALV to access it, thereby creating a stable ecosystem between our coin and its use. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to become the number 1 metaverse blockchain in the world. Vr Exchange.

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