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The live price of Bitcoin is $ --(STORJ/USDT)today with a current market cap of $ 149.03M. 24-hour trading volume is $ 149.03M, representing a 172.08% changes from one day ago. STORJ is 0.00% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 387.75M USDT.
The highest price paid for Storj is 3.90788278, which was recorded on 2021-03-28 UTC (almost 4 years). Comparatively, the current price is decrease -90.16% lower than the all-time high price.
The lowest price paid for Storj is 0.0483529328365, which was recorded on 2020-03-13 UTC (almost 5 years). Comparatively, the current price is increase 694.87% higher than the all-time low price.

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Storj, pronounced as “storage,” is an open-source cloud storage platform. Basically, it uses a decentralized network of nodes to host user data. The platform also secures hosted data using advanced encryption.

FAQ About Storj (STORJ)

  • What Is STORJ?

    Storj (pronounced "storage") is an open source cloud storage platform which uses a decentralized, network of nodes for hosting user data. It aims to offer a unique solution to data storage, by using the hard drive space that is not being used by participants. Storj is a global network of computers that operates independently, unlike traditional cloud storage systems which store data in data centers. This decentralized network links users in need of cloud storage with people who have spare hard drive space. Platform compensates space providers (also known as nodes) with Storj Coins. This system aims to protect users' data from potential threats, and eliminates the risks of storing data on a few isolated storage units. Storj (STORJ), an Ethereum token, powers the Storj DCS network (Decentralized Cloud Storage), a decentralized storage network for developers. Storj DCS distributes pieces of the files uploaded by customers to an independent global network. The file is recompiled and made accessible for download when someone requests it. Storj DCS allows anyone to store files without the need to trust a central data center. Developers can buy cloud storage services using STORJ. STORJ is earned by network participants who provide unused bandwidth and hard drive space.
  • How to Buy STORJ?

    You can buy Storj (STORJ) here on Toobit with USDT. Read our guide on How to Buy Crypto on Toobit for more information.
  • What is STORJ Used For?

    STORJ can be used to pay for hosting services decentralized within the Storj eco-system. Users pay for storage with STORJ while hosts receive STORJ in return for their services. Get real-time storj coin news on Toobit.
  • What is STORJ Coin Price Now?

    Are you looking for STORJ Price? Live Storj price is updated in real-time on Toobit.
  • How to Withdraw Storj on Toobit?

    You can withdraw Storj to USDT here on Toobit. Read our How to Withdraw Crypto on Toobit guide for more information.
  • How does Storj work?

    Storj uses its Tardigrade program installed on node computer to create and protect user data. Each file is encoded before it's distributed to the network. Each node receives only a random part of the file. The decryption key is shared between each node and host. This is to prevent hacking. mining is a method of compensating node operators for hosting files and confirming their safety and retention. Storj is the token used to achieve this. Storj tokens are paid by individuals or organizations that want to store data on the network. This system aims to protect users' data from hacking and other malicious attacks.
  • Who Are the Founders of Storj?

    Shawn Wilkinson founded Storj in May 2014. Wilkinson, a software developer from Atlanta, was the founder of Storj. He realized that blockchain technology could be used to create a decentralized network of cloud storage.
    John Quinn and John Quinn published the first whitepaper together in late 2014. The concept and the details have evolved since then. Storj V3 was released in mid-2019.
    Quinn is a blockchain enthusiast with a background in business. Before founding his own projects, including Storj, he was involved in the investment bank industry. In May 2015, Storj Labs Inc. was formed to incorporate the concept.
    Wilkinson was the CEO at the start of the company. Ben Golub is currently the CEO. Wilkinson stepped down later to allow a more experienced person to take over. Wilkinson has been promoted to chief strategy officer, while Quinn is the chief revenue officer and a board member.
    In 2014, the platform raised 910 bitcoins worth approximately $460,000 through a crowd-sale. Three years later, they raised $3 million through a seed round. Then they held a token sales that generated an additional $30 millions in the same year.
  • How does Storj do the Quality Control and Branding?

    Storj Network focuses on two main product areas: quality control and branding. These two products are aimed at two different target markets. These focal points include: 1. creating storage for the network by recruiting storage node operators, and 2. creating cloud storage demand with paying users. Storj will differentiate these focuses, and the experience design of each market segment, by separating our supply side from the demand side using two brands: Storj and Tardigrade. Storj will serve the supply side of the market. Storj.io will remain the primary place to learn how to add extra storage and bandwidth for the Storj Network. This includes setup of storage nodes, documentation, FAQs, and tutorials. Both brands' users will be able access our community and source code through storj.io. Tardigrade will serve the demand side of our business and all inquiries will be handled through tardigrade.io. This experience is geared towards our partners and clients who have purchased decentralized storage or bandwidth on the network, with an expectation of durability, resilience and reliability, backed up by an industry leading service level agreement. It includes all oers, satellite selection, documentation and FAQs. The "Tardigrade' brand will also serve as a Satellite credentialing system. To be listed as a o cial Tardigrade Satellite and to benefit directly from Storj Labs demand generation activities an operator must meet certain quality and compliance requirements. These quality controls will audit and rate Satellites based on their performance, durability, compliance and behavior. The Satellite operator must also adhere to specific business policies regarding pricing, recruitment of storage nodes, SLAs and storage node payment. Storj Labs and the Tardigrade satellite operators will be in a business partnership that includes, among others, franchise fees, revenue sharing, and other terms. Storj Labs also will assume responsibility for demand generation, brand enforcement and support of Satellite operators, end users, United States Form1099 tax filing compliance4, insurance, as well as maintenance of network quality. These quality and compliance controls will be implemented in order to ensure that Satellites can meet the SLAs for Tardigrade's products and storage nodes receive fair compensation.
  • What are the benefits of using Storj over traditional certralized cloud storage providers?

    Storj aims to offer a decentralized solution for cloud storage that offers several advantages over the traditional cloud storage providers. Security is one of the most important features. Storj’s decentralized cloud-storage networks are built using Blockchain technology, and use a security model based on the edge. Your data will be encrypted, erasure-coded, distributed and stored in multiple regions around the world, eliminating any single point of failure. This architecture is built to resist hacking and tampering. Its design is also geared towards uptime. Storj’s decentralized cloud (DCS), networks distribute data storage across many statistically non-correlated network nodes. This is done to reduce downtime, and risk of data loss. Storj DCS networks were designed to optimize resources, using local networks to put nodes closer to users. This could lead to faster file retrieval, and reduce bandwidth usage. Storj DCS networks were designed to protect privacy, making it nearly impossible to block online portals and websites. This gives developers the peace of mind they need that their data won't get stolen, misappropriated or shut down.
  • What Makes Storj Unique?

    Storj, as a decentralized network of cloud storage, is unique on many levels. Storj, unlike other cloud storage solutions, does not store data in large data centers. Instead, it runs on thousands of computers.
    Tardigrade can be installed by anyone with extra space. All you need is a reliable and strong internet connection.
    The network's efficiency means that the hosts pay much less than they would for traditional cloud storage services to store their data.
  • What factors influence STORJ price?

    The price of STORJ can be influenced by various factors such as overall market sentiment, demand for decentralized storage solutions, adoption of the Storj network by users and businesses, technological advancements and developments within the Storj ecosystem, regulatory changes impacting the cryptocurrency industry, and macroeconomic trends.
  • How does the supply and demand dynamics impact STORJ price?

    The price of STORJ is directly impacted by the supply and demand dynamics within the market. If there is a high demand for decentralized storage solutions and a limited supply of STORJ tokens available, this can drive up the price of STORJ. Conversely, if there is a decrease in demand for decentralized storage or an increase in the supply of STORJ tokens, this could put downward pressure on the price.
  • What potential future developments could impact STORJ price?

    Future developments such as upgrades to the Storj network, partnerships with major companies or institutions, increased adoption of decentralized storage solutions, regulatory changes impacting the storage industry, or technological advancements within the Storj ecosystem could all have an impact on the price of STORJ. Keeping an eye on these developments and their potential implications for the cryptocurrency industry can help investors make informed decisions about STORJ price movements.
  • What is the future outlook for STORJ crypto?

    The future outlook for STORJ crypto looks promising as the demand for decentralized storage solutions continues to grow. With an increasing emphasis on data privacy and security, more individuals and businesses are looking for alternatives to traditional cloud storage providers. As the Storj platform continues to expand and improve, STORJ tokens could see increased adoption and value.
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