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Why Be A Pro Trader

Unlock the Highest Rewards as Pro Trader

As a Pro Trader on Toobit, you can increase your visibility and share your best trading strategies with followers for a profit. All pro traders will receive 15% of the profit for each trader who copies your trades.

Elevate Your Trading Career

Join Toobit Pro Trader and boost your earnings with multiple streams of commissions. Pro traders also enjoy additional income through our affiliate trading fee commission program. Refer new traders to Toobit today and earn commissions on their trading fees when they sign up.

Growing Your Earnings and Influence

Eligible copy traders can benefit from our incubation plan, which provides access to funding and resources to help you grow your trading account.

Toobit Pro Trader Program

Toobit Traffic Support

Share your stories, ideas, and tips through Toobit's social media channels, community, blog, and website. Share your trading insights and articles through Toobit's weekly newsletter.

Exclusive activity

Trading competitions are held weekly to award prizes to the best performers in different categories, such as traders with the highest profits, the most stable performance, or the most innovative strategy.

Resource Support

Organize webinars or AMA activities to share your trading strategies, experiences and insights.

Community Interaction

Interact with Toobit followers through the multichannel community in real-time and get exclusive label of Toobit Pro Trader.

Becoming a Toobit Pro Trader To Earn Higher Profits

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